Can lightning strike you while you are in your house in a crowded city?

May 30, 2008 7 Comments
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mizike asked:

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7 Comments to “Can lightning strike you while you are in your house in a crowded city?”
  1. Anything is possible, but it is very unlikely. Usually it would come from striking the ground at the exact time you were using the sink and the electricity traveled through the pipes.

  2. CarlaCCC says:

    I don’t know about that but I actually just read an article yesterday about a woman that was in her kitchen and it was storming outside and she was suddenly stuck by lightning. From the ground. A bolt of lightning had hit across the street and followed the water line and came up through her floor. Freaky stuff man. I guess you’re not 100% safe anywhere.

  3. jumi_staff says:

    Possibly, but I think lightnings prefer tall things like trees, etc. So don’t worry about getting hit by a lightning if you have a neighbor that has a highier house…I guess.

  4. whoknew says:

    You’re safer within the “cage” of a tall building than in a small ground-level building.
    Windows, land-line phones, any water pipe connections are easy for lightning.
    Generally, staying away from those connections and away from windows should keep you safe.

  5. tercir2006 says:


    Lightning is the result of static electricity build up. When it discharges it seeks the path of least resistance. While being inside your house is MUCH safer than being outside, it is possible that the path to ground could be close enough to you inside the house and actually strike you.

    Early settlers had a big problem with lightning. Since inside the home there were no electrical wiring or in-door plumbing there were little opportunities for lightning to find a shorter path. Some times Lightning would strike the house, start a fire, and even strike someone inside.

    Today, however, there are many electrical appliances that provide a better path to ground than, say, sitting on the couch or laying in bed. Chances are slim. But still, with all our technology offering juicy targets for lightning, it has been known to strike people at the sink with their hands in the water, or in the shower. Even the phone has been known to strike people. That’s why you should not take a bath or talk on the phone during a thunderstorm. The only exception to the phone thing is if you have a cordless phone or are using a cell phone there is no more danger. It’s just when you are holding a wire next to your head or are standing in water that you are at risk.

    One last thing, then I’ll shut up. They say the odds of being hit by lightning are about the same as hitting the lottery. With my luck I’d hit the lottery, then on my way to cash in the ticket, I’d get the lightning too. :)

  6. this is very unlikely however on a very stormy day with variable charges all in the atmosphere, if the charges in your room has a polarity that will attract the the charges of that of a lightening, it is very possible especially when your windows are open for there to be a continous chain formation or electrons charged up to the sky especially if the atmosphere in your room is humid, this will cause the lightening path which actually is sparks from charged particles reacting and emitting lights which is called lightening, they now will follow the path designed for them by this charged particules and if your room falls in line with their path they follow it into your room and if you are sitting in the midst of charged particules, definitely if will strike you as it goes through its path.

  7. googolullage says:

    Lightning can get to you through the telephone wires or the plumbing system. It can jump out of your television set or your sink.

    Turn everything OFF and stay away from the telephone in a thunderstorm.

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