Can Jews play rock music on the Sabbath?

November 25, 2007 8 Comments
rock music
Rachel S asked:

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8 Comments to “Can Jews play rock music on the Sabbath?”
  1. Only if they’re doing any cover song of Black Sabbath.

  2. Orthodox Jews do not use an electrical devices on the Sabbath, so I would say that’s a no.

  3. Michael K says:

    Any Jew that’s not Orthodox or near the same, could play rock on the Sabbath. I know I do.

  4. GivPerf says:

    Jews who follow the Torah do not play music, not live, and not from a recording, on the Sabbath.

  5. Tyreeisme! says:

    you do not work on the Sabbath you do not drive on the Sabbath

  6. Joshua says:

    According to original Jewish law, no Jew can play music on the Sabbath because of the distinct possibility that one will come to fix or tweak the instrument if something were to happen while he was playing it; which is not permitted. They cannot record it as utilizing a recorder falls under the category of creating small electronic impulses; the prohibition of creating a “fire” (the electronic impulses). Theoretically, if a non-Jew played a tape for himself, a Jew can listen to it on the Sabbath- but the Rabbi’s prohibited this as well as it is not in accordance with the spirit of Sabbath.

  7. carin b says:

    A Jew is not allowed to play music or use anything electronic on Shabbat.
    Saying a person isn’t religious doesn’t mean they’re allowed to break Shabbat.
    A Jew is obligated to keep Shabbat, it doesn’t matter if they don’t want to. A Jew was born a Jew for a reason, and they are capable to keep the 613 and follow the Torah.
    If a Jew says, “I’m not religious” it doesn’t make them non-responible for keeping the Torah.

  8. Solomon says:

    musical instruments are RABINICALLY forbidden on the Sabbath to mourn the destruiction of the temple.

    recording and tape playing are forbidden b.c they are electric and electricity may not be used on the Sabbath b/c the act of creating a circuit is a form of creation.

    singing, clapping and banging on tables are ok by many opinions

    If the tape player is running before the Sabbath, it may be listened to, but no controls may be used. (i am not sure about the mechanics of the old record players. right now I am talking about anything more advanced than a walkman)

    The tape recorder may not be intentionally recorded into on sabbath, but if there is one lying on the street, a jew does not have to tiptoe pass it to avoid making noise.

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