Can I choose where I live at age 16?

April 1, 2010 7 Comments
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7 Comments to “Can I choose where I live at age 16?”
  1. Actually, until you are 18, you have live where your parents tell you to. Unless you want to get emancipated from your mom, but thats a whole differnet story!!! :)

  2. Gilbert says:

    I’d just say **** this pack my back pack and leave when she isn’t home and leave a note saying i’m living with dad and if you try to stop me ill take this to court and you will waist money on a case you cant win.

  3. einahpets says:

    i wanna live with my dad too. but im 13 :( but no we cant :(

  4. ohh this has to be settled in court if your mom wont let you… or do what i would do… just go there and tell her off, cause i did that once
    Gilberts advice is pretty good if you ask me

  5. koala says:

    I would check your childhood custody laws in your country (I am saying this because they’re are people on here from the U.S, Canada, and Europe). I would also check out a copy of your parents custody agreement. Do you have a custody hearing coming up? Is there anyway you can talk with the judge privately. I have heard of judges who have done this to get a unbiased opinion from a child. Do you have any siblings who want to leave too?

    Cheers and good luck1

  6. Chaely. (: says:

    Actually, when I was a kid, I was told by my dad’s lawyer I had to be 14 to pick where I wanted to live and I was only like 12. So I guess it depends where you live. Ask your dad to pick you up and see what happens. It could also be that your mom has custody of you and that you can’t go, but your dad can get custody if he’s proven to be a fit parent. Hope this helps. :)

  7. Rachael says:

    i think you tell those people that take care of child support and those things
    sorry not much help

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