Britain’s Got Talent – Crowded House – Good Singer Duo

August 29, 2009 13 Comments
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13 Comments to “Britain’s Got Talent – Crowded House – Good Singer Duo”
  1. SJANews says:

    What’s with the advert halfway through??

  2. botmobster says:

    i wanted the whole song why simon

  3. kejovan says:

    at 1:42 looks like they were going to kiss

  4. ChristineLev says:

    Why did he stop them?? That was great! They are stars!!

  5. August991 says:

    CD …. WOODFACE 1991

  6. sexyboa25 says:

    there HOT!! 5 STARTS!!

  7. jhun1203 says:

    what is the title of the song? its great yah.

  8. bajajekreten says:

    simon is fucking retard!!!!!!!!!!!!1 FUCKING IMBECIL!!!!!!

  9. AeroXscoot says:

    same that i want to say!!

  10. GoHabsGo0708 says:

    OMG. They’re great.

  11. tsambuc says:

    stupid simon i wanted to hear more of that!

  12. davies2712 says:

    VERY VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!

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