Bob Seger – Like a Rock ( Music Video )

March 15, 2006 25 Comments
jonny1214 asked:

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25 Comments to “Bob Seger – Like a Rock ( Music Video )”
  1. FixMeThin7 says:

    @will2993 lol me too

  2. bpyrad says:

    this thing is so far more important than just a truck ad………………..unbelievable

  3. eks56 says:

    Gives me the flashbacks.

  4. lollymelinda says:

    Like a rock,chargin” from the gate……
    What great memories……..

  5. Hummers222 says:

    one of my favorite songs. GMC needs to bring this song back to their commercials. they would probably get good response from it too.

  6. doomgiver13 says:

    My Chevy S-10 is 13 years old and still runs great. The most major issue I’ve had with it is the water pump. I replaced it in about an hour and a half. I’m not nice to that truck, but it has ALWAYS been there when I need it. Why do Chevy owners love their Chevys? It’s simple… the 350, the 400sb, the 454bb… and my personal favorite… the 4.3L V-6. Some of the most dependable and workhorse engines in the history of the internal combustion engine.

  7. wagers1968 says:

    lil eddie loves this song one of his favorite songs….”strong as i could be”

  8. I just have a question to all the Pro Chevy and Anti Ford owners out there…

    I like my ford F150, never had a problem with it… please don’t be a jerk in response but why do people not like Fords? I never could figure out why, Its like being Left Wing or Right Wing.. why?

  9. parigod says:

    Chevy cars are about as fast as rocks. Now, find me a mach 1 fastback, now we’re talking speed.

  10. airbear2977 says:

    such a kick ass song

  11. adrianplaut says:

    chevy trucks past the 80s are not like a rock crappy bumpers they crumple to easy with all that fancy grills and head lights and plastic shit

  12. TheKyjeager says:

    For an older man you understand this song. Forget your silly trucks!

  13. adrianplaut says:

    my 1981 chevy malibu wagon is like a rock 350 V8 and chrome bumpers didn’t even crumple when a car hit it head on a 50 km/h

  14. scarecrow206 says:

    I miss the commercials

  15. MyJackieM says:

    this is my xb dads fave song.. an i love it soooo much. it reminds of him…

  16. solord says:

    A Man’s Song, Plain & Simple: Pure & Simple.

    Like A Rock.

  17. beachbumt1 says:

    @thetruthis9 Are you really that stupid?

  18. @Smackdaddy9 No Dumbass, Im that guy you see blowing by all these big diesels with a Big Block Chevy, oh and its Dually, not duely, learn to spell for you flame someone needledick

  19. jipaky says:

    @yeshua4givs You go girl!

  20. thetruthis9 says:

    @washboy777 you created a separate account in order to comment about me…?!?!

    I ROCK…!!!

  21. greyfoxmt says:

    One of the best songs of all time…

    I’m so glad Chevy no longer insults this song by using it in their commercials for so called great American truck… none of the Big 3 make a decent truck for the average working person anymore.

  22. washboy777 says:

    Your an ass thetruthis9

  23. thetruthis9 says:



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