Better Be Home Soon (Crowded House cover)

June 7, 2010 11 Comments

me performing Better Be Home Soon by Crowded House.

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11 Comments to “Better Be Home Soon (Crowded House cover)”
  1. takemepissedimhome says:

    god that ozzy accent kills it
    not thou mate lol
    just doesn’t sound rite without a kiwi sing it

  2. AlchBass says:

    Nice version dude:
    Hope you like ours….

  3. loveyoursmile123 says:

    awesome accent & cover :D

  4. broadcast185 says:

    relly ausomeeee….. uve got a superb voicee and ur talented on the guitar.. all goes well together.. and i luv ur accent.. so much better than english accents :) wehayyy ahaa x

  5. zinedine15zidane says:

    Better yet, get signed, and make an album! That would be just about as perfect as perfect can get! =)

  6. zinedine15zidane says:

    Awesome cover!! It’s really great! =D Wish I could download your covers and put them on my Ipod. =P

  7. tiportosdu76 says:


  8. Lukey088 says:

    mate, this is one of the top covers i have seen on youtube… well done

  9. lala2face says:

    i really like it!! good cover mate

  10. MightyMorphinMark says:

    aw forget that guy. your voice is awesome

  11. Nash6925 says:

    yeah good stuff man keep it up, and can you please make a vid where you just talk coz ur voice is fuckn hilarious

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