best time to visit anne frank’s house in amsterdam?

March 21, 2010 3 Comments
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aroma66 asked:

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3 Comments to “best time to visit anne frank’s house in amsterdam?”
  1. S J H says:

    its always crowded..the best time is when they open..or late in the can buy tickets online at their website and you can avoid the line altogether..but you have to pick a time you are going to show up.

  2. bl? bl? says:

    Yes it will be busy (but mainly with tourists outside of NL to be honest), but if you want to go then just go after opening or before closing (make sure you leave about 1.5hrs to wander around).

    Do book tickets online in advance and this will solve the problems with the queues at least. Here’s the link to the page to buy them

    However note that they are not flexible in time. Once you have purchased it with a time slot then don’t be late ;0)

  3. Arlene says:

    At the Anne Frank’s house it’s always very crowded, you’ll at least be queuing for about half an hour. Of course the summer holidays will make it worse. My advice to you is to buy your tickets online, it’ll make a big difference. You can print out your tickets yourself, then when you arrive at the museum you can go straight to a separate entrance, to the left of the main entrance. So you don’t have to go to the ticket desk, and you avoid any queues. This is the link for more information:

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