Barlow Girl – Never alone (Official Music Video HD) Subtitles English,Español,Français,Deutsch,

February 28, 2006 24 Comments
TheLuckymann21 asked:


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24 Comments to “Barlow Girl – Never alone (Official Music Video HD) Subtitles English,Español,Français,Deutsch,”
  1. hey, tenia mucho buscando esta beutyful song!! por fin
    I GOTTA!!!

  2. i love this singer eu amo essa muusica

  3. Invadar3030 says:

    @gripptape the great thing about living in America is that you can believe in whatever you want. Nobody can make you believe in something you don’t want to. And if you don’t believe then thats just your loss not ours so stop posting inappropriate things please.

  4. its a christian version of evanecense :L awesome!!

  5. gripptape says:

    Okay, I did use unnecessary vulgarities, so I apologize. But I’m curious, have you ever questioned your beliefs? Although an intelligent creator would seem likely to have created this complex universe, who created him? And in the music video the emo lady states “I’ll stick to what I know”. All this is, is essentially what her parents stuck inside her as a child, and threatening her to believe, otherwise she would go to hell. In my completely honest opinion, I think thats downright disgusting.

  6. gripptape says:

    Do you think that this band will get into heaven for kissing Jesus’s ass. And why don’t they have songs about the rest of the holy trinity? I thought it was more then a one man show.

  7. LoveLitha says:

    @gripptape dude… that’s not appropriate i mean seriously

  8. LoveLitha says:

    I have sang this song at ‘specials’ at church… cause it’s such a moving and true song… =] can’t wait to see what’s next!!!

  9. @lollypop2143 Jesus is for queers

  10. my fave song ever!!!!

  11. I like how alot of people are getting ministered to in these comments. I love it!! God is doing amazing things through Barlow Girl! it is like a little prayer community LOVE it!! God Bless all!

  12. @BBallChix550 Then this song is perfect for you. listen to the words and take them to heart. Good luck and God Bless

  13. @gripptape if you feel this way then don’t go on here and put us down its not cool

  14. BBallChix550 says:

    “you told me to call, said you’d be there………i cried out with no reply and i can’t feel you by my side”
    Pretty much sums up how i have felt for 4 years now….Im trying to keep hope in God, but im losing that hope and everything about God is starting to fade out of my life….

  15. gripptape says:

    i’d bang the lead singer tho

  16. gripptape says:

    youre right, jesus does rock. he rocks the cock. cuz hez gATY as shit and not real

  17. gripptape says:

    fuck jesus hes not real. also this song sucks monkey dick

  18. whats with the dude

  19. PrinceTrexus says:

    I don’t get what’s with the dude with the ropes in this video

  20. PrinceTrexus says:

    @MrsBieber90044 yes this is a Christian song, and Barlow girl is a Christian Band

  21. PrinceTrexus says:

    @StreetMarcher728 Why not? Songs have converted me. I became a Christian after listening to Skillet’s Comatose album. I went to church that first week listening to “Rebirthing” over and over and over again.

  22. Aprilrain98 says:

    one of my fav songs!!!

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