Are the topics in country music songs different from the topics of pop/rock music?

May 18, 2007 1 Comment
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  1. Lana H says:

    I think Country, as is Rock N Roll, are somewhat alike in that both are purely American formed music. Keep in mind I’m speaking of real Country and real R&R from days gone by, not the garbage they pass of as “Country” and “Rock” today, as I don’t even consider most of that music in general. Country was one of the genres that was originally melded together to form R&R, so there are obviously some similarities in sound, style, and theme.
    That being said I think most Classic Country was more centered on heartbreak, life & struggles of the common man, and of course them “drinkin’ & cheatin’ songs”. Very real and indentifiable with blue collar folks because the singers sang truth from the heart. To quote the great Harlan Howard Country music was “three cords and the truth”.
    Rock N Roll songs were more generated towards the middle class teenager. Themes were based on young love, loss, angst, feelings, lifestyle, and pastimes of the average teenager. The topics in Country and R&R were different in that in most cases they were founded on experiences of the performers singing them and based on the lives of the audience the songs were aimed at (blue collar and teenagers, respectively).

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