are crowded house under rated?

July 16, 2009 12 Comments
crowded house
nicola asked:

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12 Comments to “are crowded house under rated?”
  1. J9 says:

    i’ve heard of them, think it depends what you were brought up with music-wise. i liked some of their songs, but i dont know anyone else my ages that likes them!

  2. Keebleralves says:

    Crowded house are a wonerful band. They are just of course past there prime. There time was in the 80′s with all those wonerful hits they had, Better be home soon, four seasons in one day etc.. The last i heard from them was probably in the early 90′s with Chocolate cake. They have a greastest hits album out let your friends take a listen to it. Good for you trying to turn your friends onto an old but good band.

  3. definitely. crowded house where the purveyors of perfectly chiselled pop music. catchy songs without the cheese.i love ‘em!

  4. LEE M says:

    yeah they are in my opinion, their songs are well written and the chord structure of most songs is different to the norm, which is very hard to get away with.

    They were very big in their day, 80′s and Neil Finn still writes and brings out the odd album here and there. Definitely worth listen to for inspiration and enjoyment.

  5. 2006hg says:

    don’t dream it’s over

  6. Weasel says:

    No way! They were the best when they were together. I loved them – absolutley adored them when they came out with ‘something so strong’ in the 80′s and have been a faithful fan since! I got to meet them in the 90′s when they toured with Cheryl Crow and it was so great – they were quite cool and very humbled still by the fans they had.

    My favorite was their final album and my favorite song was the cover they did of always take the weather with you. I still have all the cds in my car – i had turned my mom onto them, but only managed to get one friend into them.

    Too bad that the drummer killed himself – i would have loved to have seen them again. I believe Neil and his brother have a band called The Finn Brothers now. And i guess there is always the old Split Endz songs to listen too if you need more Neil! :)

    Oh, by the way i’m 32 – i don’t know too many people much ‘younger’ than me who has even heard of them. LOL

  7. Wayne y says:

    BUY a bigger house if it’s crowded LOL sorry Yes i think they are great When i was growing up they were on my list along with Pink Floyd and many others

  8. Ndimakukonda says:

    No, not under-rated., they’re just crap!

  9. Yes. My all time favourite song of theres was “Don’t dream it’s over” loved that when it first came out and still love it now.

  10. There ok, not great not bad

  11. The reason they are underrated is because the come from australia, and like most other australian bands before them, nobody gives them the time of day. I think they are brilliant, led by the best songwriter to ever come out of new zealand, neil finn. The man is pure brilliance, and has been acclaimed by a number of his more well known peers to have gone before him. I own every album. Shame they broke up in their prime, and pity what happened to paul hester.
    I loved the band because not only did they right good songs but they had fun. My favourite songs are mean to me, there goes god and private universe. They are certainly not under rated in australia!

    P.S if anyone tries to say the are not aussies, i can quote neil finn in saying that the band was two australians and a new zealander, which effectively made them australian.

  12. nick s says:

    No they are not under rated in the slightest – quite the opposite

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