Anyone seen Crowded House – live – anywhere – what was the show like? I saw them in melbourne late 2007 – one?

October 20, 2008 4 Comments
crowded house
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4 Comments to “Anyone seen Crowded House – live – anywhere – what was the show like? I saw them in melbourne late 2007 – one?”
  1. Big Crowded House Fan Here

    Wow, was that the first time you ever saw them?

    I wish I could tell you about the number of gigs I have seen and the memories.. I saw them over a dozen times over the years in venues large and small.. I have talked my way backstage at Amphitheaters and been Invited by Paul Hester And Nick Seymour to watch them perform in the parking lot of Capital Records…

    I was at a taping of a television spot (in concert ABC-US) at a Dinner Theater near Santa Barbara California and talked to Nick while he was wearing his roller blades in San Diego.

    I won a radio contest to see the band perform on a boat on Valentines Day 1991 where couples got married to the strains of Crowded House music..

    to answer the other part of your question, They were one of the most engaging live acts I have ever seen.. I’m just sorry if you never got to see them while Paul Hester was alive…What an amazing personality, and he was always very kind to me and my sister who I dragged once backstage to meet him and she got a kiss on the cheek, just for being my sister..

    One night, Paul came out onstage completely naked, wearing only a Santa cap.. Another night they joined the opening act as a back-up band for a few numbers.. never seen that before or since…

    some of my favorite “live” songs were “in the Lowlands” “Private Universe” and “Weather With You”

    Its so great to see Crowded House getting some love here in R&P

    “People Are Like Suns” is a highlight of the last record as is the song “Nobody Wants To”

    Crowded House – Glastonbury 2008

    Crowded House Orpheum L.A ( I was there)

    Early Crowded House live TV appearance

    Fall At Your Feet (Live-earth 2007)

    one step ahead… early performance of Neil’s Split Enz tune

  2. syd says:

    Haven’t seen ‘Crowded House’ but I saw ‘Split Enz’ in Wellington last year with both Neil and Tim Finn, that was incredible, coudn’t believe how good a guitarist Neil Finn is!

  3. mikeydred says:

    Saw them as Split Enz in 72 and seen Neil Finn solo . Brilliant both times . Had to make do with DVDs and broadcasts of CH

  4. Sheila K says:

    Definitely one of the best live bands ever!! Not only can you see their true musical talent, but, as someone mentioned, they are totally engaged with the audience. They are not just performing – they are communicating.

    I first saw CH in 1989, for the Temple of Low Men tour. Roger McGuinn opened – wow! Then, when they toured for Woodface, I was very fortunate to see one of the few shows with Tim Finn, before he left the tour and the band. I think he was pretty drunk, but it was still an amazing show for me. We had front-row seats. I was totally in love with Tim at that time, and had flowers sent to him backstage. At one point during the show, he wanted to know who had sent the flowers – he made me stand up, and he and Neil bantered back and forth with me! It was such a cool experience. I also saw them on the Together Alone tour, after Paul left… Sheryl Crow opened, and CH used the drummer from Sheryl Crow’s band.

    I have seen Neil solo three times, the Finn Brothers twice, Tim solo twice, and with his band ALT once. Then in 2007 I saw CH twice, in Seattle (at Bumbershoot) and two days later in Vancouver. The Seattle show was cool because my 10 year old son got to see them – one of the Neil solo shows was when I was heavily pregnant, in 1998, so for my son to see CH was kind of like coming full circle. In Vancouver, it was outdoor show and it poured rain, but that just seemed to heighten the connection between the band and the audience.

    Everytime I have seen them, it has been a unique experience.

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