Any ideas on building a haunted house structured for crowd control?

February 26, 2009 2 Comments
crowded house
Sela asked:

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2 Comments to “Any ideas on building a haunted house structured for crowd control?”
  1. James C says:

    make it a large tunnel. when i say tunnel i mean above ground, but with walls and a ceiling you can change the Direction, or go up or down, but make only one way in and one way out. put people at the entrance and exit with radios so there are only a certain amount of people in there at a time. decorate the inside however you want.

  2. dougeebear says:

    I’m a big fan of the Triangular Grid System. Developed by hauntrepreneur Leonard Pickle, it is a self-bracing system of angled walls that is more compact and more disorienting than regular mazes.

    Using a triangular grid paper, you can easily plan the bird’s eye view. Corridors would either go off at an angle or zig zag across the page. Rooms tend to be more oddly shaped, like hexagons or polygons rather than rectangles. Because of these factors, the maze is very confusing for the guest. I kept getting lost in a triangular grid maze that I designed!

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