AMV – The World’s First Split Enz AMV

April 28, 2010 4 Comments

Split Enz’s “Six Months in a Leaky Boat” set to the TV anime “One Piece”. 2nd prize winner at the 2006 WLG Armageddon Expo. Surprisingly, no-one had done an anime music video to a Split Enz song before this. Disclaimer: this was a strictly non-profit undertaking. All material copyright by their respective owners.

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4 Comments to “AMV – The World’s First Split Enz AMV”
  1. akadak says:

    * fantastic ! *

  2. Nerilee27 says:

    Reellllllllly Cooooool!!!!

  3. NinjaGirl3194 says:

    awesome, im going to a melbourne one this saterday ^^

    cant wait!!!

  4. Chobit1 says:

    I remember this video! It was really good, but it was too bad it couldn’t get a placing at Auckland also as it probably would have

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