acoustic version of Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House

June 28, 2009 21 Comments
peterhopqk asked:


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21 Comments to “acoustic version of Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House”
  1. Excellent cover! thanks for the cool ear candy :)

  2. Tre404 says:

    I was all ready to complain that it’s not in the correct key, but it sounds wonderful. Well done, sir!

  3. amazing, amazing!!!

  4. loco1516 says:

    can u do like a tutorial ?of this song please

  5. loco1516 says:

    love this version

  6. triump777 says:

    Can you post a TAB for this. You did an amazing version of this song.

  7. u gotta TAB this for me lmao jk i probably could get the song by watching this video a few times and learning from it. thnx for posting and 5 stars for your video. i really loved it!

  8. palitobcn says:

    Good work, very good work

  9. jaramsiee says:

    MY GOD! you’re playing really beautiful!!!

  10. odyeboy says:

    omg… :O :O :O you’re amazing

  11. ljgsuper says:

    tremendous job

  12. tribi9 says:

    Holy crap, that’s awesome!!! Hook a brother up with a tab!

  13. i just sang along with that. haha.

    i’m doing a performance with the acoustic version next week.

    i loved that; it’s different from how mine is being played but i like it : D

  14. 047marie says:

    its so coooool

  15. 047marie says:

    oh my ghAAAAAAAAA

  16. mrdak says:

    Hi…. well done indeed, but I’m wondering, does anyone else hear how the original recording of the song sounds just a hair flat? Like almost a half step? Maybe it’s just recorded that way.

  17. your own version is awesome Neil doesnt play it like that ! you have the vocal melody etc too! nice work

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