30 Seconds To Mars – Kings and Queens HQ (full length)

May 1, 2006 24 Comments
NoMoreSorrows123 asked:

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24 Comments to “30 Seconds To Mars – Kings and Queens HQ (full length)”
  1. duckstreet says:

    @Indydrummer94 ???

  2. they shouldve put more drums in this song.

  3. apocalyps586 says:

    @CrazyPsychoGurlie =D

  4. apocalyps586 says:

    @CrazyPsychoGurlie cool :D

  5. @apocalyps586 Yeah, and they were really sound. The pulled a bunch of people up on stage for the last song and Jared went into the seats to play some acoustic songs which is just legendary cause being in the seats sucks if you’re someone like me who prefers injury to being far away. lol

  6. apocalyps586 says:

    awtsch xp
    well,luckely for you the show was good :’)

  7. @apocalyps586 nope didn’t do either of those. lol. I was however “attacked” by eight or so drunk middle-aged men. They were trying to mosh but were too drunk to understand the difference. :S
    The show itself was brilliant though!

  8. ReneeNED says:

    We are the kingsssss and queensssssss

  9. hayabb777 says:

    @hahaking34 penis u mean…

  10. uNANOtube says:

    they never disapoint

  11. JuleGzimi says:

    Love this song?

  12. Love this song :D xoxo

  13. sataniqus says:

    zajebista chujnia:D

  14. isk8eer says:

    me guuustaa! (:

  15. thats not hq… fucking jerks

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